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Web Site Content Management
How many times have you visited a site, only to find that nothing has changed since your last visit? Worse, how frustrating do you find it when you want to maintain your own site's content but have to wait for external developers to get around to making the changes? And at what cost to you and your company?

There's a better way. With ContentDirect, DDM's content management system, authoring and editing content within your web site couldn't be simpler. Employing a 100% web-based solution, ContentDirect's visual interface is easy and quick to use -- so much so that non-technical users can be managing site content and structure within minutes of first using the system.

Sometimes, however, our clients look for a more personalized approach. In such cases, DDM offers outsourced web site maintenance services.

  1. ContentDirect
  2. Outsourced Maintenance


DDM's ContentDirect content management system empowers your employees to manage your own site -- securely, remotely and with a minimum of training. If they can use a word processor, they can manage a ContentDirect enabled site. Use ContentDirect to manage content such as:

  • Press Releases
  • Employee Directories
  • Job Opportunities
  • Stock Prices
  • Downloadable Files and Reports
  • General Content Site Sections
  • Secure Site Sections

The best part is that you don't have to host your site with DDM to take advantage of these management tools. We'll add some code to the relevant pages in your site, provide you with links to your individual administration interface and the rest is up to you. Add, modify and delete content using the administrative tools, then preview your updated page prior to going live with your changes. You can even save the preview so that your colleagues can review/approve changes, as appropriate. Content changes can be scheduled to appear and expire on specific dates and times once approved. Access to all content is controleed according to tiered user and group permissions. All in all, Contentdirect simplifies the process of maintaining web sites and empowers you to concentrate on your core business.


DDM's outsourced, contract maintenance is exactly what you'd expect. On a contract, retainer basis, we provide up to a fixed number of hours of maintenance per month. All you have to do is email your change requests to your project manager at DDM. We turnaround your changes quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. You concentrate on your business activities and avoid the learning curve for web development technologies. The number of hours we spend per month, turnaround times, items covered, and resulting billing rates will be customized in the maintenance agreement between DDM and your company.

"At Benchmark, the primary medium for dissemintating information to our partners is our web site. We have come to rely on DDM's content maintenance services to achieve this. DDM's meticulous attention to detail is important to us, as is their reliable, fast turnaround. By outsourcing our web site maintenance, Benchmark's staff are able to concentrate on our core business activities. I would gladly recommend DDM to any of our portfolio companies."

Andy Rachleff
General Partner, Benchmark Capital.

Contact us to learn more about either of our content management options.

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